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    Become the Angler in the Spotlight


    When you take a look at the "In the Spotlight" articles' there maybe some anglers you know or have watched their videos like, Barrett, Brandon, Ollie, Doug, and Capt. Linda. While you read through the articles you will get a sense that we are all promoting the sport of kayak fishing. This is our number one goal!

    At times we will share these articles with the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association website when the need arises, but we keep them all active on this site for you and your friends to review at any time.

    What are we looking for from the angler? As you can imagine photographs and video, along with enough about the angler that will tell his or her story. The information we like to present should include your passion and enthusiasm for the sport of kayak fishing. While telling your story, we do not want personal information that should be protected. Please include information like, when and how you heard about the sport of kayak fishing, how you learned to become the angler you are today and any other points of interest you would like to share. For example some of your accomplishments, or recent fishing reports. Any photos or videos are always welcome as images are worth a thousand words. My goal is to have articles that will encourage others to become active in the sport we love. It can be short and sweet or long, that will be your decision.

    Please contact us if you think you would be interested in becoming an Angler in the spotlight! We can provide a draft for your review and approval before it is published on any website.

    Thank you,

    Capt. Michael Clubbs
    Kayak Fishing Addiction
    Webmaster, Owner.



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    Contact the Kayak Fishing Addiction if you would like to be presented "In the Spotlight", all kayak anglers are welcome to tell their story.